Why Simon King chooses Zeiss binoculars



Simply put, Zeiss make the best binoculars in the world. There are other excellent brands out there, but if you are looking for the finest optics then you can absolutely trust that the care in construction, technical knowhow and attention to detail in all Zeiss optics are second to none.

Zeiss binoculars and spotting scopes have been my first choice since I was introduced to the brand when I was in my teens. Then, my friend and mentor Mike Kendall (a superb ornithologist) had a pair of trusted Zeiss 10x40B Dialyt, and would allow me to use them from time to time. Looking through those binoculars was akin to pulling back the curtains on the entire natural world! Clear, crisp, bright images shone back at me where before I had seen only a fraction of the detail available through my then very modest optics.

Since that day I became first the proud owner of my own pair of 10 x 40B Dialyt binoculars (long since discontinued but my own pair still going strong) and several other Zeiss binoculars since. Whilst the older models were built to last a life time (as I mentioned, mine are 32 years old as I write and show no sign of giving up the ghost) the newer models have taken advantage of modern technological advances with glass, lens coatings, waterproofing and body construction.

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For more infomation about Zeiss visit their website.

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