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  •  4th & 5th August                       Countryfile Live at Blenheim Palace  where Simon’s                                                                                 appearing  in the Natural Trust Theatre.
  • 17th – 19th August                    Appearing at Birdfair. 


LOT 4          A day’s Nature observation trip for two with Simon King

A fantastic Opportunity to win a day wildlife watching with naturalist , author ans wildlife film-maker Simon King. Whether you’re new to nature watching or a seasoned birdwatcher, you’ll be sure to learn something new!                                        Value – Priceless!     Courtesy of Zeiss (Optics 4).

  • 3rd September                         SPCA Conference
  • 8th & 9th September              GO Festival
  • 11th September                       An Audience with Simon King – Grimsby
  • 28th September                       Brockholes,  Preston
  • 29th September                       Wildlife & Safari Travel Show – Harrogate Convention Centre



SimonKingProjectBSimon King Wildlife Project

We need the natural world for our own survival. With the inexorable and rapid rise in human populations and our insatiable appetite for resources, has come an unsustainable drain on the life support systems upon which we all depend. This is reflected in many global crises, but can be witnessed close to home in the catastrophic loss of wildlife and wild places.

If you are a regular visitor to you will know that I took the first positive step on this journey in 2010, when I bought a 10 acre plot of overworked pastureland in Somerset and set about converting it into a haven for wildlife. In four short years the changes have been miraculous, with the variety and volume of wild creatures and wild plants and flowers on the land increasing enormously. This success story convinced me that landscape scale projects of a similar nature were possible, and the Simon King Wildlife Project was conceived.

Wanting to replicate the success of Wild Meadows, our charity, the Simon King Wildlife Project, was born of a desire to turn the tide against the loss of natural habitats and begin a movement to reclaim more land for the natural world.

We need your support to maintain the online project as it stands, and with your support we can expand this vision to new areas, converting degraded land into wild spaces that once again breathe life and hope back into our planet.

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