Wildlife Whsiperer Nest Box

Wildlife Whisperer Nest Box

Simon King’s Natural Choice


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— British Made
— Natural Tree Bark Effect
— Balanced Temperature and Humidity

Simon Recommends

“I have been searching for ages for a nest box that blends well with the natural environment and yet lasts for many years with little or no maintenance. I couldn’t find one, so have teamed up with a British manufacturing company to design and produce the perfect refuge for hole nesting birds.

The Wildlife Whisperer Nest Box looks just like a sawn off tree branch, yet is made from weather resistant material that will last a lifetime. It features a front panel that can easily be removed for nest inspection and cleaning, and is built to ensure an even temperature and low humidity in the most varied of weather conditions. It has been designed with the nesting demands of blue and great tits in mind, but would suit a number of other hole nesting species.

Once sited on a suitable tree, it virtually disappears against the main trunk. I think they look great in a natural garden environment (if you can spot them!), and being so well camouflaged they are less likely to attract unwanted attention from passers-by in more public areas. Equally, the box makes a striking feature if mounted on a wall or fence.

And, most importantly of all, birds love them!”

Siting your nest box

This Wildlife Whisperer Nest Box can be sited on a tree, post, shed or wall. It should be positioned 2 – 4 m high and, like all nest boxes, care should be taken to consider how sunlight may fall on it. Though it has excellent thermoregulation properties, strong direct sunlight could cause overheating of vulnerable nestlings. If sited on a tree with overhanging branches and subsequent shade, you need not be too concerned about the direction the box faces, but if it is very exposed, then it should be positioned facing between north and east to avoid strong direct sunlight and prevailing winds. Where possible, attach the box leaning very slightly forward and down to encourage rain to land on the top and not drive against the face of the box.

The box comes complete with a screw for fastening. Mature trees are unlikely to suffer any significant damage from a single screw or nail. Avoid driving copper nails or screws into living trees. At the end of the nesting season clear your nest box of old nesting material to avoid a build up of parasites (fleas and mites) that may infest birds the following season.

We’ll send you replacement parts or a replacement if your Wildlife Whisperer Nest Box is badly damaged by predators. We’ll only ever charge you the cost of delivery. This is in addition to your statutory rights.



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