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Developed in conjunction with Wildlife World, the Simon King Wreath Nester is a fantastic addition to any garden.

The design principle is that many small wild bird species prefer an open style nesting environment with easy access. This can cause an issue as small birds need to be protected from predators’ prying eyes. As a result, the open entrance with nesting space tucked behind the side wall and protected by the roof, makes an ideal nest.

The hand-woven wreath is easy to embellish with seasonal foliage. The gaps in the weave, as well as the wire, make for a perfect surface to attach twigs, sprigs, leaves and berries. Forming additional decoration and even camouflage to aid the nest in blending in to its surroundings. This is very much up to your personal taste as it will still be a welcome nesting site regardless. Decorating the Wreath can be a very enjoyable activity to do with others should you choose to.

As beautiful as it is the Simon King Wreath Nester does not come with the decorations in the pictures.

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Attach the lightweight nester into hedges, ivy or trees using wire. However, alternatively attach the wreath to walls using the hanging string or supplied spare loop of fixing wire. The base of the brushwood nester has a rattan landing platform. A low dividing wall separates the nesting or roosting space.


Nesting material should be carefully removed between breeding seasons. On the other hand, leftover materials can attract bumblebees to nest within. The decorative foliage may require regular replacement depending on the materials used and the effect you are trying to achieve. But we’ll leave that up to you!

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