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There are lots of bird species that prefer to access their food close to the ground, rather than from traditional bird tables or feeders. These include blackbird, song thrush, dunnock and robin among many others.

I designed this ground feeder with British manufacturer Rockways who specialise in creating natural looking garden features, with the aim that it will blend perfectly into any garden. It can accept any bird food mix or even suitable household scraps like grated cheese or raisins, sprinkled in a thin layer over the bowl of the ‘stump’. The feeder has a shallow sloping feed tray with discreet drainage slots to allow the passage of water without the risk of the food material falling through. When positioning the feeder, try to do so on relatively level ground, and if there is any slope, turn the feeder so that the shallowest lip of the tray points downhill.

The ideal spot for this feeder is on a lawn or flower bed a couple of meters away from any thick cover (to give the visiting birds a fighting chance against any marauding cats)

Clean the feed tray regularly with fresh water and a brush, particularly after prolonged rainfall. To ensure the drainage slots remain free of obstruction, it pays to turn the feeder over from time to time and to clean with a brush or hose.

Together with the Simon King Wildlife Bird Bath, you can have natural looking features in your garden that are designed from the ground up with your wild neighbours in mind.

Dimensions: 55cm x 45cm (at the longest points). Height: 20cm

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