“Birdsbesafe” Collar Covers

4 Designs Available. Saves Birds from Cats. Bright colours alert birds to the hunting cat, then birds see the cat and fly to safety. Scientifically tested; reduces birds caught by 87%.  Purchase cat collar separately.


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Want to protect birds from your outdoor cat?
Birdsbesafe® collar covers make your cat easier to see, and birds fly away to safety.

When wearing Birdsbesafe’s bright colors around their necks, cats are easily seen by most songbirds.

 Birds simply fly to safety to avoid the cat!  With a Birdsbesafe® collar cover, it’s like your cat is wearing a bright flag that signals: “Danger, here.” It’s scientifically validated and was shown to reduce birds caught by 87%!

Bird Biology: Songbirds see bright colors even in low light. Their eyes include specialized cones for easily perceiving bright colors and making those bright colors appear prominent in the environment. Their special extra rods help them to see bright colors well in low light conditions, like at dawn or dusk.

Birdsbesafe® was profiled in a TV feature on The One Show on BBC in December 2016. This in-depth reporting showed a woman who tested the Birdsbesafe cat collar covers on her two outdoor-going cats. She said that they stopped catching birds when they wore this product!

Scientific Study Of Birdsbesafe Collar Covers

With year-round use, you can expect about an 87% reduction in birds caught by cats that wear Birdsbesafe® collar covers, according to an independent scientific study. The 24-week field study was conducted by St. Lawrence University researchers in New York state, U.S. in 2013 – 2014.

  • Reflective trim on the Birdsbesafe® collar cover helps protect your cat from cars at night, by being visible in car headlights. Bonus: Helps you spot your cat at night, by shining a flashlight around your garden.
  • Comfort and Safety: Cats can wear our products while grooming, feeding, and enjoying cat life. The Birdsbesafe collar cover is shaped like a tube, and you insert a breakaway-buckled cat collar inside of it. Both parts will release under pressure for your cat’s safety.  Breakaway cat collars are sold in pet shops (they are not included with this product)
  • Fabric Formula: The patented Birdsbesafe® collar covers are sewn in the U.S. Fabrics are chosen with colours and patterns that are based on 7 years of research and customer feedback. The exclusive “fabric formula” helps make the Birdsbesafe cat collar cover work well to protect birds–and your cat.

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Fun Stripe, Stylish Stripe, Wavy Stripe, Bright Dots, Puzzle, Rainbow



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