Boxwell – Ground Feeder & Drinker


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Boxwell – Ground Feeder & Drinker

The farmyard inspired Boxwell Ground Feeder and Drinker is part of the Vintage Garden collection from Wildlife World, designed to be a timeless sculptural feature in your garden or outdoor space. The Boxwell ground feeder is hugely versatile. It has a spade handle for ease of movement that can also act as a perch and a solid lip around the entire feeding dish to provide ample room as a landing spot for several birds or as a ledge for small mammals such as hedgehogs to reach over to access the food. The products lovingly finished handcrafted metal has a bronzed, antique appearance.

Ideally, the feeding bowl will hold 2-3 days of food to ensure the supply is always fresh. This feeder is suitable for all wild animal food types, including seed, kibbled nuts, suet, hedgehog food and mealworms. Alternatively, this product can be filled with water and used as a ground drinker for a wide range of creatures in your garden.

The handle on the feeder or drinker make placing and moving the product very easy. You can put it anywhere on a stable, level surface, a border, a patio, on the lawn. It is always best to site the feeder or drinker somewhere accessible to see as you can monitor the feed or water levels and enjoy wild animals using it.


Periodically removing old and mouldy food or refreshing water and sanitising with a good wash ensures good hygiene is maintained. The all-metal design makes it easy to clean, and the handle makes it easy to move.

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