Replica Weasel Skull


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Replica Weasel Skull

I have always been an avid collector of items that embody the beauty and form found in the natural world. Animal skulls, deer antlers, footprint casts, fossils and many other things besides once took pride of place on top of a desk in my bedroom. Even today, our home is adorned with some of these same natural artefacts, with the stunning form and graceful lines of skulls and antlers lending a timeless charm to a mantelpiece or alcoves.

I wanted to share my passion for these natural artefacts. I have collaborated with British manufacturers to develop a range of astonishingly accurate replicas. Making it possible for anyone to acquire an entirely ethical collection of animal skulls, deer antlers and more.

Just what you choose to do with these beautiful objects is as varied as your imagination. A skull nestled on a bookshelf. Antlers used how you will (perhaps combined to make a light stand or some other structure) or some other element of interior design all lend themselves to this stunning replicas. And being so accurately faithful to the real thing, they make the perfect items for any nature enthusiast to collect, or indeed for schools and field centres to use for educational purposes. We will be adding to the collection over time, so keep an eye on the Nature Table Collection as it develops.

Weasel Skull

Replica weasel skull hand cast from a real weasel skull.

Cast in an ivory, bone coloured polyurethane plastic resin and measures 40mm x 22mm.

All our skulls are waterproof and shock resistant. However it is worth noting that small intricate areas can be more fragile. Please note: all our skulls are handmade, and therefore each skull is unique.

Hand made to order. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery



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