Interactive Solitary Bee Hive


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Our original Solitary Bee Hive design made even better, with a flip lid to see inside!

This bee nester is constructed in durable FSC-certified timber, with additional stacking trays which can be opened for inspection and cleaning. The hole sizes of this habitat are precisely specified to attract non-swarming bees like the Red Mason Bee, Leafcutter Bee and other solitary bees. And now you can lift the hinged lid, to reveal a Perspex-covered tray allowing you to see inside the secret world of solitary bees.

Always a friend to the gardener, attracting solitary bees to the garden is not only safe, but beneficial to the pollination of flowers, fruit and vegetables. Find out more about solitary bees. These friendly bees are industrious and safe around children and pets. The bees are naturally attracted to holes in wood and provide a habitat that has become harder to find in modern gardens.

Fascinating and great for education, the beehive trays can be carefully separated to view the formation of small cells where the eggs are laid, or indeed where predators have been active.

  • The roof section flips up to reveal a Perspex-covered tray, allowing frequent easy monitoring of bee nesting activity and larvae development.
  • Site in a sunny position facing between south to south east to catch some morning sun.
  • Mounting height between ground level and 1.5m.
  • No chemical treatments needed as the habitat is made from durable FSC certified timber.
  • Stacking trays may be inspected after bee activity has ceased in the late autumn and winter.
  • Protect full bee tubes with mesh to prevent predation by woodpeckers.

To help the conservation of these species please support the International Bee Research Association – IBRA WEBSITE

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