We all use energy. And we all know that switching on a light, a TV or a kettle can contribute to degrading our environment, in particular adding to the carbon emissions that are responsible for climate change. So what to do? Live in the dark with a candle?

There is an alternative. Here at my home in Somerset we have switched our energy provider to Ecotricity. Now we can power our live camera network (and our home) in the knowledge that every unit of electricity we use comes from a renewable source. It’s the right path in the 21st century.

If you want to make a positive difference to our planet, click on the link below and switch your energy supply to Ecotricity who offer a full 100% renewable tariff and a ‘No Frack’ Gas option. And, if you switch to Ecotricity they will make a contribution to help us keep our live camera network running, bringing the wonders of wildlife to your home – sustainably – 24/7.