How to care for and attract hedgehogs into your garden

Simon King talks about one of Britain’s favourite wild animals and what we can do to entice them and look after them more in our gardens.

  • Let some areas of your garden go a little more wild. These areas allow for shelter for hedgehogs and they also provide habitats for invertebrates and bugs that the hedgehogs like to eat.
  • Provide shelter for hedgehogs by adding something such as a hedgehog igloo.
  • Or if you want to keep food safe from domestic animals and foxes then the Hogilo Hedgehog House is an excellent way of providing shelter for hedgehogs.
  • Provide a little extra food, particularly when they emerge from hibernation. Products such as the Illuminated Hedgehog Feeder are perfect for providing hedgehogs with food and water and the solar powered light allows you to watch them.

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