How to help garden wildlife this summer…

The British summer time isn’t always the easiest time for our wildlife; with sudden and dramatic variations in temperature and water availability, it can present challenges almost as detrimental to survival as the prolonged February gloom.

Summer is a time many of us enjoy spending more time in our gardens admiring flower and vegetables blooms. Allotments and vegetable patches keep us busy and focus our wildlife thoughts on the small insects that are often overlooked at other times of the year.

The recent heat wave saw pollinators gallantly foraging from flower to flower from early morning to late evening, and these noble insects along with all our garden wildlife, would greatly benefit from more fresh water in your garden or outdoor space.

The myriad of insects out at work during these hot days, munching down aphids and pollinating our blooms, really deserve for us to all be thinking about how we can increase the water availability in our gardens. Often ideas for winter pond projects are spawned on hot summer days, and few things are greater for biodiversity than a wildlife pond of any size. However, in the interim, the next time the sun shines, lets take a moment to clean out the bird bath and keep it full from the water butt.

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