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Our top ten presents for wildlife lovers this Christmas, recommended by Simon King

Are you looking for the perfect present for the wildlife-friendly gardener in your life? We all love to gift unusual, exciting, and thoughtful presents for friends and family and this Christmas is no different. After a difficult year, but one which thankfully reconnected lots of people with nature and wildlife, many of us have turned to our gardens to offer solace, calm and perspective.

Whether you’re searching for wild bird gift ideas, stocking fillers, gifts for gardeners or Christmas presents for bird lovers, we have a huge range to choose from. So, if want to give a gift that’s not only for that specifical someone in your life but  also helps the wildlife visiting their garden, then look no further. Here are Simon’s top ten Christmas gift ideas for 2021:

The Wreath Nester

Our number one gift for Christmas this year. The new Wreath Nester, first and foremost, offers a comfortable, weatherproof, roosting home for small garden birds over the winter looking to shelter out of the wind and rain. Come spring, it becomes a potential nesting site for robins and wrens in particular. But secondarily it’s a wonderful crafting project for gardeners who want to decorate their own wreath and know it won’t go to waste come New Year.

Find out more about our unique Wreath Nester in our new blog >>

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The Brushwood Robin Nester

The original and best. The Brushwood Robin Nester was designed by Simon himself after years of research into how, and where, robins like to nest around our gardens. The gardener’s friend, we all love to be close to robins in our gardens as we potter about; spotting them jump from branch to branch, following our shoulder. The Brushwood Nester can be offered in the winter as a roosting place to keep out of the bad wind and rain. Or in the spring as a nesting site.

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Watch Simon’s video and learn more about the Brushwood Nester below:

Tree Nest Pouch

Do you know someone lucky enough to see tree creepers visiting their garden? This unique habitat has been designed by Simon specifically for wrens and tree creepers. But it may also attract robins, goldcrests, wagtails and even the dormouse and wood mouse. It’s a joy to see wildlife using pouches like these to protect themselves from the worst of the winter weather. A lovely little inexpensive gift for wildlife loving friends and family.

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Open Nest Buddy

If your friends and family are more likely to see blackbirds, chaffinches and thrushes in their garden, then this is the gift for them. Again, it has been designed by Simon himself, to offer a roosting or nesting site for garden birds. It simulates a natural branch structure and provides a space for birds to build their nest or simply hide from the rain.

Open Nest Buddy


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Curve Nest Box

Do you know someone who would love to encourage more birds to nest in their garden, but they don’t know how? The Curve nest box has been designed by Simon to mimic a natural tree hallow. So it proves very popular with blue tits in particular, as well as sparrows and flycatchers. It also looks incredibly stylish on a house or garden wall.

Curve Nest Box

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Cat Proof Nest Box

Perhaps you want to gift a nest box to a friend but are worried about their cat prowling the garden? The Cat Predator Proof Nest Box features a deep nesting space that’s difficult for cats to get their paws into.

Cat predator proof nest box


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Wooden Robin Nest

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the robin. Our Wooden Robin Nest can bring years of joy for a relative and the robins visiting their gardens. Easy to put up, this wooden nest box is designed with robins in mind but can also attract wagtails and flycatchers.

Robin Wooden Nester

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New Flower Feeders

Bring a splash of colour to a loved one’s garden with this range of flower bird feeders and drinker. Their pretty, ceramic design is easy to assemble and can be pushed into a border or a lawn to bring some much-needed bright colour during the winter months, as well as vital food and water sources for winter avian visitors.


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Timeless Swingseat Feeder

Designed for smaller garden birds, swing seat feeders prevent larger birds, like pigeons, from landing on your feeders. The hanging ropes and swinging style is attractive for robins, great tits, blue tits and sparrows who are light and agile and able to land on the ropes, arms or the feeder itself. It is perfect for those who will love to watch those smaller bird species feeding in peace in their garden.

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Squirrel Feeder

The perfect present for someone living in Scotland or the northern parts of England where red squirrels can be found. Or those living elsewhere who enjoy feeding grey squirrels and watching them dive and dance around a feeder. Squirrel Feeders are also great for encouraging squirrels away from bird feeders and onto their own food! Our Squirrel Feeder is made FSC-certified timber from managed forests and uses no stains or chemical treatments so it will age naturally

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Bonus number 11! The Ultimate Wildlife Hide

Our big ticket item for those looking to really spoil the wildlife lover in your family this Christmas. The Simon King Wildlife Hide is designed using all of Simon’s experience and knowledge as a BBC wildlife cameraman. This award-winning hide is the present of choice for many twitchers and wildlife watchers who want to step up their photography game or try a new hobby in 2022.

The Simon King Wildlife Hide

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