The Brushwood Robin Nester with Simon King…

We’d like to introduce you to the Brushwood Robin Nest an original design by Simon King, who has used his knowledge of birds and robins in particular to create a habitat that is tailored to the nesting habits of the species.

The main features of the nester are:

  • Lightweight
  • Robust wire frame with brushwood exterior
  • Wicker base
  • Weatherproof roof

Robins don’t like their nests to be exposed and as such are not keen on traditional nest box siting on open walls or trees. Female Robins will normally prefer to nest in little nooks and crannies, in buildings or hidden away in vegetation. The brushwood nester is designed in such a way that means it can be tucked away and provide the cover that Robins provide. It features a landing platform for the birds but the nesting area is around the corner providing ideal nesting for Robins.

Siting a Robin’s Nestbox –

  • Hide in deep vegetation such as ivy or a hedge.
  • Use the provided wire to attach the nest firmly to the vegetation.
  • Or position in a outbuilding, or garden shed (if there’s access all the time via a window or door), or fence.
  • It’s key to provide lots of cover for the Robins.

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