Best Gifts for Wildlife Lovers

We’ve put together a list of our top gifts for wildlife enthusiasts. Whether they’re a green-figured gardener, a bird lover, a wildlife photographer or a young nature enthusiast, here’s a selection of gift ideas to help you find something they’ll love. Encouraging a love for wildlife is the perfect gift that keeps on giving!

Simon King Gift Pack

As featured on Facebook Live with Simon, this super pack contains the new Curve Nest Box which is aesthetically appealing as well as being designed by Simon for small hole nesting birds such as tits, sparrows and flycatchers. Packed up with this is a signed copy of the Simon King Nature book and some premium wild bird food. Simon’s wonderfully detailed book is full of useful information about how to get the most from watching nature, all gleaned from his life out filming in the wild. Packed up in an attractive box with recyclable packaging it makes for a lovely present.

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New Interactive Solitary Beehive

One of our most popular products, the new Interactive Solitary Beehive is a lovely present that’ll bring pleasure and satisfaction through the spring and summer. Easily hung on a sunny external wall or fence, it provides habitat for the often forgotten solitary bees such as Leaf Cutter bees and Mason bees. These pollinators are an essential part of our ecosystem and modern houses or gardens can provide challenges for them. You’ll see them overnight in the holes and the satisfaction of seeing these non-swarming bees lay their eggs and seal the tubes beautifully with leaves or dried mud is a joy to behold. This new version has a hinged lid which reveals a perspex covered tray so you can get the perfect view of what these fascinating an vital pollinators are up to.


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Simon King Cabin Nester

New for 2020, the Cabin Nester is a really attractive house perfect for placing in hedges and shrubs, tucked away from predators and the elements. It has an open entrance preferred by Robins, Wrens and Flycatchers and then a cosy nesting space behind a side wall. In the winter it offers a protective roosting space away from the elements on those harsher winter days. Attractive and functional, it’s a lovely gift.

simon king cabin nester

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Wildlife Whisperer Cap

Every birdwatcher, wildlife adventurer or photographer needs a good cap, you won’t see Simon out and about without his! This rugged cap certainly captures the look and feel and keeps the sun out of the eyes whether you’re snapping, tracking, or watching things flapping in the wilds!

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A Bird Model

Loved by Simon from his childhood these bird models are beautiful and fun projects to put together and display. Whether it’s a crafting activity to do with a young bird lover or a relaxing past-time on a wet weekend, these life-size, stunningly detailed cardboard flying birds are great presents. They require use of a sharp modeling knife so are suitable for 12+.

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The Hedgehog Barn

The new hedgehog barn offers hedgehogs a safe and durable refuge whether for hibernation in winter or for use when providing food in the other seasons. This has to be one of the best looking hedgehog houses out there and the local hogs will love it.  Built to last this is a great gift to a hedgehog and a loved one!

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The Simon King Cabin Nester Gift Pack

Containing the hugely popular new Cabin Nester, this gift pack contains wildflower seeds perfect for providing the diversity to attract wildlife to gardens, some no mess wild bird feed and a species guide. Simon designed the Cabin Nester to be easily tucked away in bushes and act as a crucial roosting in tough winter weather and then a nesting site in spring. A lovely gift to help these most festive of birds.

simon king cabin gift pack

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Craftsman Squirrel Feeder

During the winter months it can rather too quiet in the garden so this squirrel feeder is the perfect Christmas gift to liven things up. The new Craftsman Feeder has swing door that smart squirrels quickly figure out and provides hours of entertainment watching their behaviour. They’re also great for diverting squirrel attention away from bird feeders! Perfect for red or grey squirrels.

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