Badger Fox Feeder Cam Members Only HTML5


Category: Wild Meadows

Species: Badger, fox, and many bird species

Location: Wild Meadows

Source / Provider: Simon King Wildlife

Viewable On: PC, Mac, iPad & mobiles

Dusk to Dawn
I regularly offer food to my local badger and fox community. At dusk I put out peanuts in small amounts – enough to get a good view of my natural neighbours but not so much that it might alter their natural foraging behaviour for longer than a few minutes each evening. In fact, you may well see them snuffling for earthworms around the feeding station!

Dawn to Dusk
By day the badger feeding station becomes a ground bird feeding station. Species here may include pheasant, red-legged partridge, blackbird, song thrush, chaffinch, dunnock and many others. Let me know if you see something out of the ordinary!

Please support us through our charity

£2 helps pay for our daily streaming, internet and electricity bill for this camera.

£10 helps pay for a weeks worth of peanuts for the badgers, foxes, pheasant and squirrels.

£100 helps pay for on-going annual maintenance costs associated with this camera.

£850 helps pay for a new PTZ camera like this one, which offers us the most engaging views of wildlife at Wild Meadows.


To find out more about badgers and bTB please visit the Wildlife Trust website.

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