Wild Meadows Badger & Fox Identification

We regularly offer food to the local badger and fox community here at Wild Meadows. Over time we have been able to identify some of the most frequent visitors. Use this ID guide to help you identify individual characters. Although opinions differ with regard to naming wild creatures, we find it much simpler to tell the story of an animal or family group by naming the regular visitors to our cams.


From time to time, other badgers and foxes may appear on the live cams. As these may only be briefly travelling through the area they won’t appear on this ID guide. We may also have a visit from the orphaned badger cubs that were released into our artificial sett in September 2014 as we believe that they are still in the local area. For the guide to ID these please click here.









Boar - Banksy

This is the larger of the badgers visiting, visibly much bigger than the others. Facial markings are mottled around the snout, and he has a large domed head with broader muzzle. He is protective of family and quite a grumpy character - especially with foxes.








Mum Badger - Beatrix

She is slightly mottled on black of face markings with a distinctive notch in black stripe below left eye. When seen in daylight, she has brown/copperish fur (her tail is mainly copper with white tip). She has a gentle character and is playful, especially with the cubs.








Vincent Badger:

Distinctive badger who has a missing left ear. With a broad head we suspect it’s a male. He has a determined character, and gets on well with the Boar.








Badger A - Jasper

This is one of the younger badgers – possibly one of the 2014 cubs. Has a slender face shape. Its white middle face stripe is wide at forehead and continues beyond neck. Has narrow black face stripes (with edge close to ears). This is a nervous badger who is often seen eating alone.







Badger B - Claude

Again this is one of the younger badgers – possibly one of the 2014 cubs. Has a round head shape. Its white middle face stripe is narrow at forehead and ends at neckline. Has wide black face stripes. Is often seen eating with others and has a quiet character.






Adult fox - Stubbs

This is a large fox who is greeted warmly by cubs so presumed to be either mum or dad. It’s a timid fox who avoids close contact with badgers. Long black socks on back legs. No white to tail.







Fox Cubs:

We have identified two fox cubs:


White Tip:

This fox is easily identified by the large white tip to tail. It’s an inquisitive fox, often seen interacting closely with Badgers.






Big Ears:

As the name suggests – this fox has large ears with a small forehead gap between them. Has a very small white tip to tail. It’s a timid fox except when with sibling or adult.





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