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Tawny Owl Family


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Tawny Owls (Strix aluco) are back at Wild Meadows for a third year running. Tawny owls show high fidelity to successful nesting sites and we're delighted to see them back again. In 2016 the nest was unsuccessful, the female going missing having laid her second egg. 2017 sees a new female in the territory who, together with her mate, has taken up residence in one of the nest boxes close to the river. Fingers crossed for a successful season for her and her family.


Tawny owls lay between 2 and 5 eggs and incubation lasts approximately 28-30 days, starting with the first egg. As a result, chicks hatch on different days, leading to a wide age range of young. If food is hard to come by it is common for the youngest chicks to die. If all goes well, the chicks will be raised on a rich diet primarily made up of small mammals. Here at Wild Meadows, the grassland and woodland habitats support a high population of field and bank voles, wood and yellow-necked mice - all ideal meals for a tawny owl!


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