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Look out for a variety of garden and woodland bird species now, as action begins to hot up at the feeding station. We supply suet balls and a seed mix that are popular with many different birds and occasionally a nyger seed that attracts goldfinches and siskins.


Check out our guide if you have trouble identifying any species. To find out more about feeding garden birds click here.


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£2 helps pay for our daily streaming, internet and electricity bill for this camera.

£5 helps pay for a weeks worth of seed mix, fat balls and peanuts to offer the wildlife.

£280 helps pay for another waterproof outdoor camera to display other on-going stories around Wild Meadows.



The bird feeders we show from time to time on our live camera are all available in the Wildlife Whisperer Shop.

Metal Nyger Feeder

Dublin Peanut Butter Feeder

Apollo Seed Feeder

Fat Ball Feeder
Wildlife Whisperer Ground Feeder.


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